Eco-Friendly BizCard Giveaway!

Eco-Friendly BizCard Giveaway

Update: The contest has ended – winners announced below!

I’m happy to announce a new giveaway on the blog today!

BizCard, an Eco-Friendly online printer, has recently offered me 1,500 business cards to giveaway to three of my readers. That’s right, three of you are less than a week away from winning 500 business cards!

Eco-Friendly Printing Solutions

What’s unique about BizCard is that they specialize in Eco-Friendly printing. With today’s focus on going green, it is nice to come across a printing company who helps you promote your business by printing your marketing materials – all while being responsible to the environment.

So, what’s in it for you and how can you win?

What You Can Win

  • Three readers will each win 500 FREE business cards
  • Winners can upload their own design or select one of the many designs that BizCard has in their catalog

How to Enter

  • Leave a comment at the end of this post, describing what you would use the free business cards for.

Contest Rules

  • Comments will be open until August 21, 2009 at 10:00am (GMT-4)
  • You must include your real name and email address with your comment, so that we can contact you if you’re the winner
  • Only one entry / comment per person
  • Three winners will randomly be selected using
  • Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for FREE shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas

About BizCard

BizCard is an online printing company. It offers small businesses and individuals products such as business cards, calling cards, postcards, letterheads and related print products. Users can browse a catalog of hundreds of design templates to find one matching their professional image. They can also upload their own artwork.

From its inception, BizCard has opted for environmentally friendly printing procedures (using recycled paper, eliminating the usage of harming phot processing chemicals, etc..).

The company plants a tree for every order it receives.

Update – Winners Announced!

Sending out a big “Thank You” to BizCard for their gracious offer of 1,500 business cards to three of my readers, and of course, thank you to everyone who entered and who helped spread the word about the contest.

And the Winners Are…

Congratulations to you all! I will send your email addresses to BizCard, who will be contacting you shortly with details on your prize!

Winners were randomly selected using’s True Random Number Generator.


  1. says

    Excellent! I would use the business cards to promote myself and my business in web design, and/or as an artist. Having business cards is just not something I’ve done yet. Thanks Selene! 😀

  2. Brian Foltz says

    Awesome little contest you’re having. Being graduated from college I haven’t had time to put together anything for a business card. So, this would be a great start to get my freelancing move going.

  3. says

    Will you throw in a free design by you? 😀 I’d use the free business cards for my online business when I send mail or I’m out networking. Thanks, Selene!

  4. says

    No doubt, having a business card, is to promote my business. However, other than that, I will also use this eco-friendly business card to promote and encourage my client to use eco-friendly material for their future printing. Actually, I myself is also serving a few clients who is doing eco-friendly business, like Their eyewear is 100% using recycle material, and they even have their own full cycle recycling system. Thus, I hope that we can start being friendly to the earth start by ourself.

  5. says

    I love the idea of eco-friendly anything. With my art I try to encourage composting, reusing, consideration of non-disposable products…an eco friendly business card would help me to carry forth this message.


  6. says

    We have a terrific student employee on staff here where I work in instructional technology. She’s done some amazing work helping to setup our university-wide WPMU blog pilot. Specifically, she’s been writing a comprehensive tutorial for our faculty on getting started with Web 2.0 technologies like WP, Facebook, Twitter, et al.

    For awhile, we’ve been calling her our “Emerging Professional Blogger” given her enthusiasm and creative ideas. One day, I joked that I should have business cards made for her with “[her name], Professional Blogger” on the front, and her various networks and contact info on the back. Lately, I’ve been seriously considering getting her some cards, so I was excited when I saw this posting for eco-friendly cards. She’d be thrilled to not only have some rock-star biz cards, but also that they were reflective of her environmental consciousness.

    Michael Willits

  7. says

    My fiancée and I are about to start a new business with services that include brand identity, website and print creation, as well as soft- and hard-cover wedding invitations.

    And having an eco-friendly business card is a great way to stand out in this green-minded city of Montreal.

  8. ktycat says


    I would definitely use them to promote my business, since I just started freelancing. Thanks again for the giveaway! Fingers crossed…

  9. Mihla says

    What great timing! I am preparing to launch a new business and decided to go green. I just signed up with a green Web host and BizCard’s eco-friendly printing services are just what I need.

  10. dragyn says

    I would use these business cards to promote myself as an eco-friendly person that is into using green products for designs. There are so many companies going green these days and I would like to show employers that I am on board the green train.

  11. says

    I follow you on Twitter and saw this promotion. My business partner and I were just talking about attending some trade shows and conferences this year and realized we do not have any printed business cards! Just one of the perils of running a business entirely online! :-)

    If we happen to win the 500 cards, we will have them printed for ourselves. The fact that they are eco-friendly is a BIG PLUS!!!

  12. says

    Nothing new here. Self Promotion. I have a small biz that’s been running for a couple years, and I am really trying to drum up some new business, getting some new updated cards would be great.

  13. says

    Many intended uses: self promotion, bookmarks, teaching rectangle shapes to toddlers, dropping in fishbowls at restaurants to win free lunches, having something to hand back when someone hands me their business card, making my wallet thicker, small shim for wobbly table, …

  14. says

    Hello Selene!
    Thanks for the giveaway…..and what great timing, too! My wife and I are in the process of launching our own small business, after being laid off from the real estate services industry over a year ago. We’re taking the plunge into self employment and could definitely make good use of the biz cards as we begin marketing ourselves and our services (concierge type support services to realtors, i.e. marketing, transactional and technology support). Keep up the great posts!!
    Cheers ~

  15. Sheila says

    Awesomeness! I need some business cards to promote myself. I usually print the business cards myself and the results aren’t so good.

  16. says

    Oh what a fabulous giveaway! I was actually just business card printing/shopping tonight. I’m a Mommy Blogger who is attending a few conferences in the next few months and need these to to hand out/network with. This contest comes at a perfect time!

  17. says

    I have a green blog and a green business and desperately need business cards. Since they tend not to be the greenest thing ever, I’ve been putting this off for quite some time. I’d LOVE the opportunity to sample some green cards and practice what I preach! 😉

  18. Eric says

    Usual for me too. Self promotion. Custom cards would be great to separate me from the pack when looking for law internships and summer associate positions.

    Thanks for the great contest.

  19. Mary Yeager says

    I live in a very rural community that is just starting to see an uprising in computer use and the web as older generations are being replaced by tech savvy generations. Still tho, competition in my town is very word of mouth. Having business cards would be a great way to get my name out there as there is little actual web development companies in my area. There are so many places I could go with these business cards and truly launch my business. The cards being eco-friendly is just an added bonus to ice the cake.

  20. says

    I’m definitely looking forward to putting my own identity package together finally and business cards are a very important part of that package! And what a bonus to have it be eco-friendly. Good luck all.